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Shattered Pink Windows...My Video Story

Every once in a while, we are presented with an opportunity to let others hear our voice. An opportunity to share our thoughts and our concerns.  A chance to ask others to consider our message.
     Komen of Central Indiana gave me this opportunity to share my voice in this video (below). It was shown at their Pink Tie Ball where I was also given an opportunity to speak to the audience.  All of this giving me a chance to share with others about the importance of research to the some 150,000 of us facing stage 4 breast cancer.

     As October approaches us...please remember that behind all of the many pick ribbons you will see for next 31 days, are faces of women who are dying everyday. Women whose lives depend on the next successful research drugs.
     Pink helped us raise pink needs to help us find the cure.
     I ask you to help us to keep pink ribbons from becoming just a way to decorate like major holidays.  We cannot "Shop for a Cure." Please do not …