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Finding Grace in the Midst of the Next Storm

Sometimes the fog begins to fade, the strings holding the stress slowly loosen.
The medicine is working, and the body has adjusted the best it can to the side effects. 
Some kind of new normal has gradually settled in, but then suddenly in one long day, you find yourself broken again, trying to find grace in the midst of the next storm. 

Cancer has no boundaries.  Cancer takes no consideration of your feelings.  Cancer takes on your strength as it opponent. 

Cancer has challenged me for four years now. 
It has challenged my body with treatments and surgeries that have left me to continue to rebuild a body that is broken.
It has challenged my emotions, taking me to dark places of brokenness that only God and the love of my husband, kids, family and friends can pull me out of.  
It has challenged my feelings as I have learned of the new cancer diagnoses of two friends and mourned the loss of two of my Stage IV sisters and a friend's granddaughter in less than two months. 

And now ca…