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Metastatic Cancer...What Does That Mean?

First, I have to say again, it has been absolutely amazing and inspiring to know that I have so much support and and so many prayers from so many people.  Please know how much my family and I appreciate your support!  

I know everyone has a lot of questions.  I had, and still have, a lot of questions. Some of the questions have solid answers, and unfortunately, some of the questions have to remain unanswered because there is no cure, and no one knows for sure.
So today, let's go with some of the information that we do know.    
What is Metastatic Breast Cancer? Metastatic Breast Cancer is also known as Stage IV or Advanced Breast Cancer. Metastases occurs when cancer spreads beyond the breast and lymph nodes to other areas.. most commonly the bones, lungs, liver or brain.  Mine decided to spread to my upper sternum.

What is HER2+ breast cancer?
HER2+ is a protein...aka human epidermal growth factor receptor 2.  A healthy cell has a normal quantity of HER2 proteins. However, a cancer cel…

Glad You're on MyTeam

I had my second round of treatments on Wednesday.   I had three infusions...Taxotere Herceptin, and Perjeta.  (Someday soon, I will write a post explaining more about those three drugs.)  I was blessed to have spent the day with two amazing friends, Becky and Merilee.  They did a great job at keeping me laughing and happy all day...including having our own little pizza party.  
So far, I feel fortunate that the treatments are mostly just causing aching and fatigue...and no nausea!  The chemo has stolen most of my hair now so now you just never know what hair I may be wearing.

I was able to go to Jake's Soccer Senior Night the next day.  What a blessing to be able to so proudly walk out onto the field with Jake.  What a wonderful young man he has grown up to be.  Goodness high school goes so fast!

Which leads me to "Team Lori." Thanks to a hashtag that my son David started, and two wonderful friends, Dawn & Kalen, who created shirts and bracelets, my #teamlori has grown …

Good Morning America

December 13, 2070 
"Good Morning America" Taping 
Prius Williams Broadcaster for GMA

End of commercial break
Prius: The fun continues today on Good Morning America, as we have Lori Tragesser here celebrating her 100th birthday.  Now what makes Lori's 100th birthday special?  Well, Lori was in the first group of incredible women to be cured of HER2+ Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer.  She is here today to tell us little about that journey, and give us some advice on how we should live our lives.
Prius: looks to Lori   Lori it is great to have your here.
Lori:looking a little nervous but smiling from ear to ear with her curly dark brown hair because she refuses to be gray.  It is great to be here Prius.  Prius? Interesting name. Honey, did your parents name you after their car?
Prius: looking confusedNo I don't think so.
Lori: Anyways, I always told my kids to look out, I was going to live to be 100!
Prius: That is great!  So your cancer diagnosis was way back in 2014?
Lori:  O…