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Blessings in Disguise

I can't believe it is just a few days shy of three months since my mammogram and two months since my first infusion. A lot has happened in three months!  Now as I look back, it is overwhelming to think about all that I went through.  I have found now that the storm has calmed, and I am into a treatment pattern...things have settled down, and the blessings start appearing all around me.

I have had 3 of 18 Herceptin infusions. I will have surgery in Febraury. I go to IU Simon Cancer Center once every three weeks for the infusions, as well as, an appointment with my oncologist.  I am fortunate and so thankful to have a long list of friends and family who want to take me. It is two hours of travel and about an hour to get the infusion, so each trip has become a blessing of time I get to spend with important people in my life. 

I have an assortment of side effects...fatigue, achy joints, achy muscles, stomach issues, weak "jello" legs, hot flashes,and a combination of teen-a…

A Car Wash, A Giving Community, and Some Airtime

I work for the Tipton County Foundation. A couple of weeks ago, Joe, a Foundation board member, approached me about a fundraiser he was planning. He works for a local car dealership, and they were organizing a car wash to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Joe wanted to give the money to the Women's Fund at the Foundation for me to find a program to put this money to good use. I was so touched that they were doing this, and I was going to be a part of it!

So last Saturday, the community pulled together and had one of Dan Young GM Center's highest profitting car washes. Tragesser Pumpkin Farm brought a truck load of pumpkins to give away to children.  White's Meat Market donated hot dogs and apple cider. But best of all, the Dan Young employees were there dressed in pink and ready to wash vehicles! 

The fun part was when DJ, Allan James from WWKI arrived to do live radio broadcast throughout the morning, and he asked ME to do the broadcast with him!  This provided m…

Pink NUT Day

David and Lydia attend a small Catholic school where the students wear uniforms.  Every so often they have a NUT Day (No Uniform Today).  The students donate $2 for a NUT pass which they then give to a charity. 
      David and Lydia asked their prinicpal if they could have a "Pink NUT Day" for Breast Cancer Awareness.  They gave all the students and teachers pink rubber bracelets. 
      They gave the money they raised to my doctor's research at the IU Simon Cancer Center. Here are some pictures of these awesome kids!  You can also see their picture on Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center's Facebook page.

Thank you St. John's!!!

A Pink Gift from My Wonderful Children

Today, my children gave me a special gift that I am so excited to share.  They asked their soccer teams to "Go Pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness and for me.  I want to share these wonderful pictures of all of these special kids!  I was so moved and proud of these kids...especially so many middle school boys. 

I am so blessed...
blessed to have five amazing children and blessed that we have so many caring friends. 
I have an infusion this Thursday, so I will not be able to make next weekend's soccer games. Thank you to all of you who made today's games special!!!