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One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I heard the words that no one wants to hear.  "You have Cancer."

Since that day, I have had...
4 Mammograms
     3 Ultrasounds
     4 ECHOs
     5 biopsies
     17 Herceptin infusions
     11 Taxol chemo infusions
     12 Lupron shots
2 surgeries
     4 expander fill'er ups
     (That is a lot of needle pokes!!)
     To sit and wait in 13 different waiting rooms
Since that day I have seen amazing acts of kindness...
     12 Cleaning fairies
     Somewhere over 50 delicious meals
     24 rides to my infusions in Indy or Carmel
     Over 100 Get Well cards
     Many useful gifts and care packages 
     Inspirational gifts
     30 women joining my Dirty Girl Run team to raise money for breast cancer research
     Catholic school children giving their penny mass money to my oncologist's research
     4 children's soccer teams dress in pink to support breast cancer awareness
     A car dealership car wash to raise money for breast cancer awareness in my honor
     And wha…