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Calling All Team Lori Members

When I was diagnosis Stage IV in August of 2014, I started a targeted treatment of two infusions, Herceptin and Perjeta.  Unfortunately, the cancer cells eventually find their way around treatments, making them no longer effective. So after 14 months (20 treatments), my cancer cells have found a way to wake up and start growing again. No worries though, it appears to be just a subtle growth. 
So I have started a new targeted treatment plan.  I will now be getting one infusion of Kadcyla (TDM1) every three weeks. This is a relatively new treatment that got FDA approval in 2013.  This treatment is Herceptin with a chemo drug in it.  So needless to say, I can already tell a difference in the side effects...FATIGUE!  This drug also calls for a little higher maintenance work on watching blood counts and staying healthy and well.  But we can handle that!

So I need my TEAM! Please pray that my next scan in December will show that this treatment is working and knocking those cancer cells back…