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My Kids Are My Heroes Through It All

These five children are my heroes everyday!  I just can't even imagine life without them. They are all so encouraging and supportive of me.  Don't get me battling cancer doesn't instantly make them perfect little angels.  They drive me crazy sometimes bickering and whining, but you'll have that. They make the messes that I have to continuously tell them to pick up. But they have been amazing through all of this. They have had to work together and make up for all the things that I cannot do right now. They can all cook and do laundry.  That doesn't mean they always want to do those things, but they can and they will.  But it is the extra little things that they do or say on their own each day that make them awesome!

We couldn't go anywhere this spring break with my weekly chemo treatments and having to work.  So my kids were home all week reading tweets and seeing photos on Instagram of their friends having fun all week.  I felt a little bad for the…

Taxol Chemo Update

I have just finished my fifth of twelve weekly Taxol chemo treatments.  The treatments take about an hour and a half.  First I get a little bag of Benadryl which instantly makes me loopy.  Next I get a little bag of steroid, which makes me endlessly hungry for the next 24 hours.  Then I get a little bag of Zantac to help my stomach.  The bag of Taxol takes about an hour.  It is going better than I expected.  I can't do much but rest the following two days as I am exhausted and achy.  But I am able to work most days.

My hair has been falling out for almost two weeks now.  I lose a pretty decent pile of strands and strands of it everyday.  I tell you though, I had a head full of hair because while it has really thinned out, if you didn't know, you may not be able to tell.  I do pull it back and wear a hat everyday to contain it.  Otherwise, it is all over my shirt and desk all day!  Luke uses a pet hair roller on my shirt before I leave each day. As you can see he thinks it is qu…