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2012 Be Gone

It was just a couple of days into 2012 when I called my late friend, Karen King. After swapping a few stories about some unusually awkward moments, I said, "Wow Karen, I don't know what is going on, but I'm thinking that AWKWARD might just be the word of the year for 2012. She replied quickly with an "Oh Lord, it has to get better." But you know, it never really did....especially for dear Karen who passed away in September.

Don't get me wrong, there were some wonderful things that happened in 2012. I always count my blessings! And I learned that the goodness of people outshines everything else. But the good had a hard time outweighing the bad...not just for me, but for a lot of people.

I am pretty sure that I knew more people that went to be with our Heavenly Father in 2012 than in any other year of my life...and maybe even quite a few years combined. Our parish saw more funerals than it had for several years.

Four women from our parish, includi…

Cancer's Blessing of a Friend

Today, I want to celebrate the life of my friend, Toni Wood, who lost her life to cancer and went to heaven on December 8, 2012.  As I sat with many others honoring the life of Toni, I felt so privileged to have been given a chance to get to know such an amazing woman, even though it was for a very short time.

I met Toni several years ago, when her son Weston was on the high school soccer team with my nephew.  My boys were ball boys for the home games.  They really looked up to Weston.  During the last game of the season, I set out to meet Toni, because I wanted to tell her how great I thought her son was. I didn't see her again for several years, but I knew she has been diagnosed with cancer. 

Not long after I was diagnosed with cancer, we connected again.  I enjoyed chatting with Toni as she became a source of encouragement for me, always letting me know she was praying for me.   I will never forget how supportive and helpful she was to me me strength as her fading. 


Birthday #42

My 42nd birthday turned out to be a most amazing day, thanks to a lot of really great friends! 

Three of my dear friends, spent the day with me. The morning started with a short shopping trip, followed by a fun Italian lunch.  Then we were off to hospital for an infusion and doctor appointment. 

Now these girls make me laugh...a lot!  I think we were lucky they were able to give us a private room because we might have been kicked out of the "open pod". 

The day got even better when we got back to my house and we all sat around the kitchen table with my family and laughed while we ate a feast. When I walked into the house, I found my kitchen island full of goodies!! Pizzas, breadsticks, my favorite Mexican restaurant's chips, salsa and guacamole, and the big bonus...cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Not to mention an assortment of gifts and cards.  And all of this took place in a very clean house because, you see, three Cleaning Fairies came that day! 
Thank you every…

My Tucson Getaway

Every once in a while, don't we all need a getaway...a few days where we don't have to work, run the kids everywhere, cook meals, do laundry, and help with homework...a few days where we are the ones who are taken care of and pampered.  Yes, yes I do believe we all need this.  And I am a lucky girl as I got four relaxing days in Tucson with two of my favorite cousins!
We visited the beautiful, historic mission, San Xavier del Bac that was founded by Father Kino in 1693.  The sky was the most amazing blue that I have ever seen!

My Cleaning Fairies

fair·y  /ˈfe(ə)rē/  Noun: A small imaginary being form that has magical powers.
     Are fairies real?  The belief in the existence of fairies originally began with the fairies of medieval Western European folklore which later became known as Fairy Tales. For many, many years, little girls have enjoyed dreaming about these mythological creatures and their magical pixie dust.      Of course in our youthful days, we imagined what the tooth fairy must look like, and the magical place where she took all of our teeth. (Ugh, not such a magical thought now, is it?)      I think we have all probably had at least one moment in our lives when we wished for our Fairy Godmother to appear with her little wand...waving it about.  Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!  And suddenly all of our wishes and dreams would come true.      So do real fairies exist? Yes, certain fairies do exist.  How do I know this?  I know this because they have been showing up to clean my house for the past ten weeks. Do my fairies have…

Blessings in Disguise

I can't believe it is just a few days shy of three months since my mammogram and two months since my first infusion. A lot has happened in three months!  Now as I look back, it is overwhelming to think about all that I went through.  I have found now that the storm has calmed, and I am into a treatment pattern...things have settled down, and the blessings start appearing all around me.

I have had 3 of 18 Herceptin infusions. I will have surgery in Febraury. I go to IU Simon Cancer Center once every three weeks for the infusions, as well as, an appointment with my oncologist.  I am fortunate and so thankful to have a long list of friends and family who want to take me. It is two hours of travel and about an hour to get the infusion, so each trip has become a blessing of time I get to spend with important people in my life. 

I have an assortment of side effects...fatigue, achy joints, achy muscles, stomach issues, weak "jello" legs, hot flashes,and a combination of teen-a…

A Car Wash, A Giving Community, and Some Airtime

I work for the Tipton County Foundation. A couple of weeks ago, Joe, a Foundation board member, approached me about a fundraiser he was planning. He works for a local car dealership, and they were organizing a car wash to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Joe wanted to give the money to the Women's Fund at the Foundation for me to find a program to put this money to good use. I was so touched that they were doing this, and I was going to be a part of it!

So last Saturday, the community pulled together and had one of Dan Young GM Center's highest profitting car washes. Tragesser Pumpkin Farm brought a truck load of pumpkins to give away to children.  White's Meat Market donated hot dogs and apple cider. But best of all, the Dan Young employees were there dressed in pink and ready to wash vehicles! 

The fun part was when DJ, Allan James from WWKI arrived to do live radio broadcast throughout the morning, and he asked ME to do the broadcast with him!  This provided m…

Pink NUT Day

David and Lydia attend a small Catholic school where the students wear uniforms.  Every so often they have a NUT Day (No Uniform Today).  The students donate $2 for a NUT pass which they then give to a charity. 
      David and Lydia asked their prinicpal if they could have a "Pink NUT Day" for Breast Cancer Awareness.  They gave all the students and teachers pink rubber bracelets. 
      They gave the money they raised to my doctor's research at the IU Simon Cancer Center. Here are some pictures of these awesome kids!  You can also see their picture on Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center's Facebook page.

Thank you St. John's!!!

A Pink Gift from My Wonderful Children

Today, my children gave me a special gift that I am so excited to share.  They asked their soccer teams to "Go Pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness and for me.  I want to share these wonderful pictures of all of these special kids!  I was so moved and proud of these kids...especially so many middle school boys. 

I am so blessed...
blessed to have five amazing children and blessed that we have so many caring friends. 
I have an infusion this Thursday, so I will not be able to make next weekend's soccer games. Thank you to all of you who made today's games special!!!

Everything is Not Okay

One of my favorite television shows is Parenthood.  For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the show, it is a wonderful drama which revolves around the three generations of the Braverman family; Zeek and Camille Braverman and their four children and eight grandchildren.  I love how this show touches on so many different issues of being a parent as well as being a son or daughter, a sibling, or even an aunt or uncle.  I feel like most families can probably relate to something going on in the Braverman family.

In last week's episode, without any previews' warning, they slipped in breast cancer. In the last scene, as Christine is getting a mammogram, I knew immediately where they were going with this storyline.  They played Naked As We Came by Iron and Wine as you watch Christine's reactions as her doctor gives her the bad news, and then as she tells her husband Adam. 

I have to say that this was really quite emotional for me to watch. Because you could only hear the …

The Cancer Card...If You've Got It, Play It

The story of my Cancer Card begins several weeks ago at a high school football game that our local high school played down at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  Because we were two small high schools, we had great seats down in the lowest section.  My friend Merilee was there as well, but sitting with the opposing team. Why she was sitting with the opposing team is a long story within we will skip that part. 
   Close to half time, Merilee called to see where I was sitting.  After a few minutes of confusing conversation and awkward and embarassing attempts to wave at each other across the stadium, we found that we were sitting directly across from each other on the 40 yard line.  I tell her I will walk over to see her during half time. I joke that I should get walking because it looks like it would take a good 20 minutes to walk over there as Lucas Oil is huge!  Merilee's reply, "There is no need to walk all the way around!  Just go down to the 40 yard line …

It's Good to be King

I lost my dear friend, Karen King, to cancer last night.
     Karen was an amazing woman whom I truly admired.  We started with a working relationship that turned into a fun, adventurous friendship. The thing I loved about her was that she was always a bit mysterious. And the more I hung out with her, the more she would share with me.  Fascinating stories that were always humorous and fun.  My friend Abbie said it well for many of us..."Karen, you will live in infamy as the most badass woman I have ever know."  She touched many this way.  When Karen got an idea in her head, look out because she was doing it. She wasn't backing down. She believed that women could do anything and so empowered many of us! 
     Karen and I share a story together; one that started out very similar in the beginning, but unfortunately had a very different ending. When I went to get my mammogram, I was sitting in the waiting room of the Radiology area.  Next thing I know, here comes Karen.  Sh…