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Thank You for My Pink Day

To the hundreds of friends and students who wore pink on Wednesday...if I could only put into words what this meant to me.  During my 3 1/2 hours of phone continued to whistle all day with so many prayers and messages.  Hope I didn't miss any pictures..there were so many!  God Bless You All!!   #beatcancer #teamlori

Chapter 2 The Journey Continues

Chapter 2...hmm, I never planned on a Chapter 2.  Actually, I wasn't certain I would ever add another post to this blog.  While the memories had many silver linings, there was enough painfulness that I preferred to forget.  
But I have returned and so the story goes... 
I had this annoying neck pain that would not allow me to sleep on my side. That is my happy way to sleep, so as you can imagine, I was not sleeping well.  Pain coming down the sides of my neck into my collarbones.  I tried everything I could think pillow, two pillows, new pillows, heat, neck massage, but nothing helped.  So when I called my oncologist to get her opinion on what I should do, I was surprised to hear her say a bone scan.  Well one scan led to another until it was determined I needed a bone biopsy of a lytic lesion on my manubrium, which is the top portion of the sternum. 
I am sad to report that they determined it to be breast cancer, the same type as I had before...Estrogen and HER2 receptor po…