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2015 Seemed So Far Away

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant. Ben and I lived in a cute little duplex in the small town of Pendleton, Indiana.  It was early December 1995.  It was cold enough to snow outside but warm enough that I didn't mind walking to the grocery that evening. We only lived a couple blocks away, and we needed a few things for dinner. I remember as the biggest snowflakes fell from the sky, all I could think about was how excited I was to have this new life inside of me. As I happily strolled along, all I could think about was the family Ben and I were about to create! We were so fortunate as we went on to have four more children in the next seven years.
     Where did the time go?  How did 18 years go by already?  When Jake was born and we realized when he would graduate from high school, 2015 seemed so far away! It wasn't even the 2000's! No one was carrying around cell phones, and we didn't even own a computer yet! Suddenly here we are...planning a graduation …