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365 Days

365 days.  They seem to go by a little quicker each year that we get older.  So much so that I have often joked that I wondered if by the time you reach your seventies, do you feel like you are Christmas shopping all year long?  Usually the 365 days of the year would come and go for me without much thought...often overlooking days at a time just looking forward to the next exciting event.

     365 days ago my second oldest son, Luke turned 16 years old, but it was also the day that my oncologist held my hands as she told me my cancer was stage 4 and had metastasized to my bones.  It was the day that my life forever changed, as I was forced to face my own mortality at 44 years old.  It was the day that I had to change my already hectic crazy schedule to fit in treatments and the following side-effects every three weeks. It was the day that I decided that every single day would have to count now.  Every day was a gift.  Every day was a blessing.  Every day was another day with my hu…