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Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

Today was Treatment #15, and I thought I would write about what is going on to catch everyone up. It has been 10 months since my Metastatic Breast Cancer diagnosis.  I haven't had any new scans since March where the last scans showed that everything was stable. (We like stable!)  I currently do not have any future scans scheduled as I do not have any severe bone pain at this time. 
     I guess that I couldn't imagine a day that I would get used to going in for infusions and shots every three weeks, but today I realized that it is slowly happening.  I will continue to have the Perjeta and Herceptin infusions every 3 weeks Xgeva (bone strengthening) shots every 6 weeks and Lupron (reduces Estrogen levels) every 3 months. Today, I got all four. 

     On June 14, we had the Women's Fund Afternoon Tea.  I am the Foundation staff person for the Women's Fund, and this is the largest event I work on all year.  We served over 200 women and girls tea and hors d'oeuvre…

Lori or Jimmy Fallon...Who Delivers A Better Commencement Speech?

Remember... So here it commencement speech for Jake's high school graduation!  What?!!?  If you didn't know...don't worry, hardly anyone knew until the day of graduation.  What an honor this was for me!  I am so thankful that Jimmy Fallon did not accept his invitation because his might have delivered a better speech ;) Congratulations to Jake and his awesome classmates! I plan to do treatment #14 tomorrow on my way home from a Foundation regional meeting on the north side of Indy. I am going to go to the IU Health Springmill Infusion Center...hoping to catch up with a few great nurses there!  The last time I went there was for my first round of chemo in the spring of 2013.