Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

     Today was Treatment #15, and I thought I would write about what is going on to catch everyone up. It has been 10 months since my Metastatic Breast Cancer diagnosis.  I haven't had any new scans since March where the last scans showed that everything was stable. (We like stable!)  I currently do not have any future scans scheduled as I do not have any severe bone pain at this time. 

Hugging a blanket from the new blanket
warmer I was able to help our local
Oncology Department receive!
     I guess that I couldn't imagine a day that I would get used to going in for infusions and shots every three weeks, but today I realized that it is slowly happening.  I will continue to have the Perjeta and Herceptin infusions every 3 weeks Xgeva (bone strengthening) shots every 6 weeks and Lupron (reduces Estrogen levels) every 3 months. Today, I got all four. 
     On June 14, we had the Women's Fund Afternoon Tea.  I am the Foundation staff person for the Women's Fund, and this is the largest event I work on all year.  We served over 200 women and girls tea and hors d'oeuvres while sharing the work of the Women's Fund and enjoying our local Irish dancers.  I took a moment to share my story and information about MBC.  It was an enjoyable day with some amazing women and girls from our community.
     Then on June 20, I was the Honorary Survivor of our local Relay for Life.  It was an honor to represent survivors in our county as I cut the purple ribbon and led the first walking lap.  Again, I was given an opportunity to share my story and information about MBC. 

     What's next?  Well the calendar remains full.  I am spending some time with the kids while they are on summer break.
     I am enjoying learning about advocacy work as a Hear My Voice Outreach volunteer for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  We have an exciting social media campaign to watch for in September. 
     I am also doing an online writing workshop called "Writing the Journey" which I am really enjoying.

    Thank you for your continued prayers. I thank God everyday for the gifts of love that surround me & my family!

 My Relay for Life banner hanging on our courthouse square in town that my awesome friends had made for me!!  Love you girls!


  1. Nice banner! Sounds like you have been busy, but the good kind of busy! :)

    1. The good kind of busy! Hope you are doing well!! Hugs!


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