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Calling Team Lori...The Unexpected Turn in the Road

Just when you think things are going smoothly again, along comes the unexpected turn in the road.      
     After switching treatments in November, the cancer on my bones was responding well to Kadcyla.  It was a great relief because Kadcyla is a newer drug and is working effectively for many women.
     Less than two weeks ago, someone bumped my side.  As I went to rub it, I was surprised to feel a lump in the lower outer area of my breast next to my implant. So last Tuesday, I got a CT Scan that showed a tumor measuring just under 2 centimeters.  
     Last Friday, I had a biopsy, which happens to be a short story in itself.  As the resident prepared to stick the needle in, I asked him how many breast biopsies he had performed.  He replied, "You are my FIRST!"  I thought, "Okay, well, let's just get this virgin biopsy going then!"   Lucky for him, I have had many biopsies, and I was able to patiently watch on the ultrasound as he maneuvered the needle aro…

Their Youth is Ours

My phone rang around 10:00 am on a cold January morning. I was home, sitting in my recliner, feeling miserable from the Kadcyla infusion I had the day before.  The caller ID showed the school.  I guessed that one of my kids must be sick.  However, when I answered, it was my daughter.  With a panicked tone to her voice, she was checking to see if I was okay.  She thought she had seen my car pull into the hospital while she was sitting in class.  After I assured her I was home and fine, I hung up the phone, completely devastated.      You see, when we are broken, our children are broken too. But their youth if ours, so we try to keep their lives as normal as possible. We continue to give them the best that we can. Life as they knew it will never be the same because cancer is now a part of their story. Our illness is an everyday fact of their lives. 

      There is no manual to help us guide our children through this. So we stumble through the hard days, the difficult discussions, and t…