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My Peaceful Place

Think about a peaceful place...a place that surrounds you with warmth and comfort, a place where you feel safe to relax and be yourself.
     Mine is located on a Lagrange County dirt road, surrounded by fields and pastures, in the heart of Amish country. There along a mile stretch of country road is a weathered white farm house with a century old dairy barn and a working windmill spinning in the warm summer breeze. The colorful garden lines the driveway with an array of beautiful flowers and all types of vegetables in perfectly straight, weedless rows, much like a picture from a magazine. The house is large with many different sections of living areas added on over the years. There is also a smaller "Dawdy house" attached, which means Grandpa's house in Pennsylvanian Dutch. 
     My dad grew up in the main house, and years later, one of my aunts raised her family there, while my grandparents moved into the Dawdy house. My dad and I recently found out that they were …